Fun Christmas Worksheets!

Make Words from…

christmas worksheet find words

Word Jumble

christmas worksheet word jumble

Word Search

christmas worksheets word search find a word



Snowman & Elves

Christmas Word Jumble 1 Christmas Word Search 1


Maths Christmas Worksheets

Christmas Tree

Addition Colour by Number

Multiplication Colour by Number


Addition Colour by Number

Division Colour by Number


odd even numbers christmas  christmas worksheets patterns maths xmas
Odd and Even Number

Identify odd and even numbers on a Christmas tree!

Making Christmas Patterns

Use colours to make patterns with this Christmas themed worksheet!


Literacy Christmas Worksheets

christmas worksheets capital letters  christmas worksheet preposition activity picture christmas grammar worksheets prepositions
Edit for Capital Letters

Add capital letters to the Christmas themed sentences!

Preposition Match

Use the Christmas picture to match the correct preposition to the correct sentence.

Drawing with Prepositions

Follow the instructions to finish the Christmas scene!


compare contrast reading passages christmas worksheet strategy comparing  


Comparing a Christmas Morning

Sort similarities and differences into a Venn Diagram.


More soon to be added so check back soon!

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