Geography Worksheets

Geography Worksheets

A collection of geography worksheets, resources and more to help teach cities, countries, continents and mapping skills. Puzzles, cut & pastes & more!

Maths: Mapping Skills Worksheets


World Around Us Sheets


world around us worksheets country information research kids geography World Around Us Worksheet Collection

A collection of worksheets to help students learn about the world around us. Research information about location, population, capital cities, languages, traditional food, flags and more!


World Maps & World Map Worksheets


continents and world oceans worksheet word search jumble  

Let’s Learn: Oceans and Continents

Label the world map and find the words in the jumble!


world map kids printable colour worksheet world map kids printable black white worksheet world map worksheet label
Colour World Map (no labels)

Colour World Map (w/labels)

B/W World Map (no labels)

B/W World Map (w/labels)

Fill in a World Map

Fill in a World Map (easier)


Continent/Country Maps & Worksheets

oceania map worksheet australia states map worksheet australia states puzzle cut paste worksheet
 Oceania Map Australia Map (state borders)

Australia Map

Australia States Puzzle


south america map blank printable  


europe map blank worksheet

north america map worksheet
 South America Map Europe Map  North America Map


usa map worksheet blank map asia map blank worksheet india map worksheet
 USA Map Asia Map India Map (states borders)

India Map




china map blank worksheet

africa map blank worksheet
China Map Africa Map


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