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Browse our collection of history and geography worksheets for primary school students. Topics covered include mapping skills, the First Fleet, the Industrial Revolution and more. Resources include reading passages, activity sheets and more.

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First Fleet Reading & Comprehension

Read about the First Fleet and then answer the comprehension questions.

First Fleet Reading Cloze

A cloze worksheet about the First Fleet. Fill in the missing words to complete the text.

First Fleet Ship Profile Template

Choose one of the ships of the First Fleet to research and use the information to complete this worksheet.

Word Map: Continents (Colour)

A colour world map with the continents labelled.

Label the Continents Word Map (B&W)

Fill in the name of the continents on this black and white world map.

Word Map: Continents (B&W)

A black and white world map with the continents labelled.

Continent Map: South America

A map of South America.

Continent Map: Oceania

A map of Oceania.

Continent Map: North America

A map of North America.

Continent Map: Europe

A map of Europe.

Continent Map: Asia

A map of Asia.

Continent Map: Africa

A map of Africa.