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Browse our collection of mapping skills worksheets, displays and other activities. These resources help teach grid referencing, scale, direction and reading a legend.

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Follow Cardinal Directions, Grid Ref

Use cardinal directions to follow the path of each animal and use grid reference to describe their new locations.

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Label the Continents Word Map (B&W)

Fill in the name of the continents on this black and white world map.

Label & Colour a World Map (2)

Label continents to complete the world map (middle and upper years).

Continents Word Jumble

Unjumble the continents and then crack the code!

States of Australia Puzzle

Cut and paste the states to put them back in the correct places.

Word Map: Continents (B&W)

A black and white world map with the continents labelled.

Continents & Oceans Label & Word Search

Label the continents and find the words in the letter jumble.