Reading & Comprehension

Reading and Comprehension Resources

Reading comprehension worksheets, resources and information for teachers and parents.

Reading Passage Worksheets

Browse our collection of reading comprehension worksheets organised by year level. Worksheets include reading passages, comprehension questions, grammar activities and more.

Year 1  |  Year 2  |  Year 3  |  Year 4  |  Year 5


Comprehension Strategy Worksheets

Comprehension strategies allow readers to make meaning from texts. Browse our collection of worksheets to assist in the teaching of these strategies.

Compare & Contrast | Inferring | Cause & Effect | Main Idea | Visualising | Fact & Opinion


Comprehension Strategies

Comprehension strategies allow readers to make meaning from texts. What are the comprehension strategies learners need? Visit our Comprehension Strategies page to learn more.


Decoding Strategies

Decoding strategies are tools beginning readers use to help work out (decode) unknown words from a text. Visit our Decoding Strategies page to learn more about how to teach these different strategies.


Graphic Organisers

Our collection of graphic organisers to support teaching comprehension strategies such as summarising, retell, main idea, cause and effect, self-questioning and more.


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