Graphic Organisers

Graphic Organisers

Graphic organisers to support teaching comprehension strategies such as summarising, retell, main idea, cause and effect, self-questioning and more. More information on comprehension strategies here.


Main Idea Concept Map

concept map graphic organisers




Help children to organise and identify the main idea and the supporting details. Children can write or draw.


Connecting with the Text

connecting with text graphic organisers




Use this worksheet to allow students to record connections made to a text. Connect the text to ‘A time in my life’, ‘Another book’ and ‘A person I know’.


KWL Chart

kwl chart graphic organisers




Use this graphic organiser to help students activate a child’s prior knowledge. 3 columns: What I Want to Know, What I Want to Find out, What I Have Learnt.


Looks Like, Sounds Like, Feels Like

looks like sounds like feels like graphic organisers




This graphic organiser encourages students to think about language use in texts and how it can be used to create images.


Main Idea/Summary Chart

main idea graphic organisers




This graphic organiser is designed to help readers identify the main idea and supporting details of a text.


Main Idea/Supporting Ideas

main idea supporting ideas graphic organisers




Identify the main idea and supporting ideas of a page/chapter/text.


Self-Questioning Chart

self questioning chart graphic organisers




This chart assists students in posing a range of questions to ask during and after reading.


Story Map Overview

story map overview graphic organisers




A story map template to help students visualise and identify the structure of a text. Identify the type of text, setting, characters and key events.


Story Sequence Organiser

story event sequencing graphic organisers




Use this story map to order the events of a story. Great for retells and summarising.


Story Board

story board graphic organisers




Map out the events of a text. Draw or write. Great for retells and summarising.


Vocabulary Builder

vocabulary builder graphic organisers




Encourages students to use context clues within a text to help work out the meaning of words.


Beginning, Middle, End

summarising story graphic organisers

Summarise a text by writing and drawing. What happened in the beginning? Middle? End?


Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

5ws graphic organisers




Organise a summary of a text using the 6 headings: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.


Cause and Effect

cause and effect graphic organisers




Identify ’cause and effect’ relationships. Identify what happened and what caused it to happen.


Chain of Events

chain of events template graphic organisers




Learn about ’cause and effect’ relationships by linking events in an ordered sequence.


Image Cluster Organiser

image cluster graphic organisers




Fill the middle oval by writing (or drawing!) about a character/setting. Fill the surrounding circles with details about the character/setting. Also useful for teaching main idea, supporting details.


Problems and Solutions

problems solutions graphic organisers




Come up with solutions to problems. Useful for higher order thinking. Can be used to suggest solutions to complications within a text.



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