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A reader’s comprehension improves when they can visualise what is happening in the text. Creating images (visualising) is an important strategy that needs explicit teaching. This strategy can be taught using our creating images worksheets. There are many other fun and easy ways to teach this skill with fiction or non-fiction texts. Readers should be encouraged to create rich images. What can you… See? Feel? Taste? Hear? Smell? Find 5 senses resources on our Graphic Organisers Resources Page.


Creating Images

visualising worksheets creating images strategy

‘What did you visualise?’ ‘What words helped build your image?’





Adjusting Images

visualising worksheets creating images

Readers are encouraged to adjust the image they have created as new details are added.





5 Senses Visualising

5 senses imagery visualising worksheets creating images

Explicitly link visualising to the 5 senses. Looks like, sounds like, feels like, smells like, tastes like.





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Looks Like, Sounds Like, Feels Likelooks like sounds like feels like graphic organisers This graphic organiser encourages students to think about language use in texts and how it can be used to create images.


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