Cause Effect Worksheets

Cause and Effect Worksheets

Our collection of of cause and effect worksheets aims to help children understand this very important concept. Identifying cause and effect helps children to understand what happens and why it happens; in books and in their life. Improve reading comprehension with these worksheets aimed at supporting a reader’s ability to identify cause and effect relationships.

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Cause and Effect for Early Learners

cause effect worksheet cut paste cause and effect cut paste grade 2 grade 3
Cause and Effect Cut & Paste

Cut and paste to complete the cause and effect relationships.

Cause and Effect Match Cut & Paste

Cut and paste to match each cause to its effect effect.


Cause and Effect Worksheets

identify cause effect relationships worksheet cause effect match worksheet cause effect relationships worksheet
Identify Cause and Effect 1

Identify Cause and Effect 2

Read sentences showing cause/effect relationships and identify the cause and the effect.

Cause and Effect Match 1

Cause and Effect Match 2

Draw lines to match the cause to the effect.

Cause/Effect Sentences 1

Cause/Effect Sentences 2

The cause and effect are given. Write sentences using conjunctions to show the cause/effect relationship.


cause effect relationships worksheet causal relationships worksheets
Read Effect, Write Cause 1

Read Effect, Write Cause 2

Read the effects and write the possible causes.

Read Cause, Write Effect 1

Read Cause, Write Effect 2

Read the causes and write possible effects.


Cause and Effect Graphic Organisers

cause and effect graphic organisers Cause and Effect

Identify ’cause and effect’ relationships. Identify what happened and what caused it to happen.


chain of events template graphic organisers Chain of Events

Learn about ’cause and effect’ relationships by linking events in an ordered sequence.


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