Conjunctions Worksheets

Conjunction Worksheets

A collection of conjunction worksheets and activities to help learners understand how conjunctions can be used effectively to join ideas together. See our Literacy Games page for fun games and activities!


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Circle the Conjunctions

Practise identifying conjunctions within sentences.

Coordinating Conjunctions 1

Choose the correct coordinating conjunctions to complete the sentences.

Coordinating Conjunctions 2

Choose the correct coordinating conjunctions to complete the sentences.


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Joining Sentences

Join simple sentences together using conjunctions.

Fill in the the Conjunction

Complete the sentences by adding an appropriate conjunction.

Choose the Correct Conjunction 1

Choose the Correct Conjunction 2

Circle the correct conjunctions to complete the sentences.


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Time Connectives

Complete the passage of text by adding in the missing time connectives. Why are time connectives important?

Cause & Effect Text Connectives

Choose conjunctions to complete cause and effect sentences.

Conjunctions in Compound Sentences 1

Conjunctions in Compound Sentences 2

Conjunctions in Compound Sentences 3

Use conjunctions to create compound sentences.


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Identify Cause and Effect 1

Identify Cause and Effect 2

Read sentences showing cause/effect relationships and identify the cause and the effect.

Cause and Effect Match 1

Cause and Effect Match 2

Draw lines to match the cause to the effect.


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Compound Sentence Match 1

Compound Sentence Match 2

Compound Sentence Match 3

Match two clauses to build compound sentences.

Conjunctions in Complex Sentences 1

Conjunctions in Complex Sentences 2

Conjunctions in Complex Sentences 3

Conjunctions in Complex Sentences 4

Use conjunctions to build complex sentences.

Complex Sentence Match 1

Complex Sentence Match 2

Match two clauses to build complex sentences.


Cause and Effect Graphic Organisers

Cause and Effectcause and effect graphic organisers  



Identify ’cause and effect’ relationships. Identify what happened and what caused it to happen.


Chain of Eventschain of events template graphic organisers  



Learn about ’cause and effect’ relationships by linking events in an ordered sequence.


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