Sight Words Resources

Sight Words Resources

What are Sight Words?

Sight words are also known as high frequency words or star words. These are simply the most commonly occurring words in books. For fluent reading, these words need to be immediately recognised; that is without being sounded out. Improvement in this area requires repetition; practicing of the same words again and again in different ways.

Sight words are very important for early reading. They give children confidence in reading. A strong sight words ‘bank’ allows children to focus on using their decoding strategies (that require both phonetic and whole language knowledge).



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How to Teach Sight Words

Make a ‘working list’ that is comprised of about 10 known sight words and 3-4 unknown sight words (the words which your child is attempting to learn).

For each sight word activity you do, the words should be taken from this ‘working list’. Rotate the known sight words from the ‘working list’ for two reasons:

1) To keep practice fresh, and

2) To consolidate past words.

In saying that, some of the games (such as Snap) are best played with a large number of sight words. Most others, are best kept to words from a ‘working list’.

Sight words are best learnt in short bursts. Try 3x 5-10 min session each day. There are so many different games and activities you can play based around sight word practice. You will be the best judge as to what works for your child. Check out our list of sight activities and ideas. Many of the activities use flash cards or similar. Download, print and and laminate all the sight words that you can/need. That means you’ll have new ones on hand as your child needs them.


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