Sight Word Worksheets

Sight Word Worksheets

These sight word worksheets and resources give children opportunity to practise identifying sight words and becoming familiar with them in different contexts. These words need to be immediately recognised; that is without being sounded out. Sight words are very important for early reading as they give children confidence in reading. A strong sight words ‘bank’ allows children to focus on using their decoding strategies (that require both phonetic and whole language knowledge).

Visit our Sight Words Practice Ideas page for fun and hands-on ways to practise sight words.


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sight word booklets cut staple sight word word searches sight word booklets
Sight Word Booklets Strips

Cut and paste the pictures to match, read and trace the sentences, cut the strips out and staple to form sight word booklets

Sight Word Word Searches

a fun way to keep sight word practice fresh!

Sight Word Folding Booklets

Build your child a little library of books with these sight word booklets


sight word boxes worksheets sight words worksheets colour by sight words
Sight Word Boxes Worksheets

Teach the shape of high frequency words using these worksheets. Find the words that fit into each box shape.

Writing & Identifying Sight Word Worksheets

Worksheets to practice writing and identifying the focus sight words.

Colour by Sight Words (New!)

Find sight words to colour a picture!


sight words game battleships Sight Words Battleships

Use sight words on a Battleships game board for a fun way to practise!


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