Colour By Sight Words

Colour By Sight Words Worksheets


We will continue adding to this small collection of colour by sight word worksheets so check back for new sheets! We also have addition and subtraction colour by number worksheets ready to download.


Lady Beetle

Colour by Sight Words Beetle

(am, big, little, look, come, see, my)


Colour by Sight Words Car

(see, look, come, my, big, little, am, yes, like, here)


Colour by Sight Words Deer

(see, look, come, my, big, little, am, here)


Colour by Sight Words Dino

Sheet 1 (see, look, come, my, big, little, here)

Sheet 2 (can, there, goes, some, she, be, are)

Sheet 3 (live, and, for, what, said, which, them)

Sheet 4 (who, why, when, from, they, that, these)


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