Writing Stimulus Resources

Writing Stimulus

On this page you will find our collection of printable writing stimulus worksheets. Fantastic to help inspire creativity in children’s writing. These worksheets help kids get their writing off to a exciting start! Also great for the struggling writer. Suitable for students of all ages.


A special dog…

writing stimulus dog

A scavenger hunt turns into an exciting quest!

writing stimulus exciting

An odd request for a detective

writing stimulus detective

Lost at the beach!

writing stimulus lost

Can a ghost story come true?

writing stimulus ghost story

What’s made the front page of the newspaper?!

writing stimulus newspaper

Going to great heights to catch her parrot!

writing stimulus parrot

What will it take to win this talent contest?

writing stimulus contest

A night trapped in a store?

writing stimulus trapped store

Be careful what you volunteer for!

writing stimulus careful

Narrative Cards Set 1

narrative stimulus cards

Narrative Cards Set 2

writing stimulus cards set


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