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High quality printable resources to help improve students’ understanding and application of numeracy skills. These number worksheets will help students develop confidence with number sequences and identifying patterns within our number system. Place value underpins every other area in mathematics. As such, it’s important to build a solid understanding of number and how our number system works.

Our collection of number worksheets and resources provide students with opportunities to practise concepts/skills such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, odd and even numbers, patterning, comparing numbers and more. Browse our collection of number resources below.


Recognising Numbersrecognising numbers worksheets

Patternspatterning worksheets patterns worksheets

Odd and Even Numbersodd even number worksheets

Hundred Board Resources

Place Valueplace value teaching number teaching resources

Comparing Numberscomparing numbers

Number Linesnumber line worksheets

Addition & Subtractionaddition subtraction resources

Multiplication & Divisionmultiplication division number teaching resources

Rounding Numbersrounding numbers worksheets

Word Problemsmath word problems  Maths Gamesmaths games printable free



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