Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Use the menu below to explore our huge range of addition subtraction worksheets, games and resources. The addition and subtraction resources on this page provide learners with multiple ways to practise and refine their skills in this area. Some worksheets focus on using number lines, while others present addition and subtraction as a part-part-whole model, allowing students to see the connection between addition and subtraction. Mental computation strategies (rainbow facts, doubles, bridge to ten, etc.) help students build confidence that will assist them to work with larger, more complex problems.


Addition/Subtraction Strategiesaddition subtraction strategies

Linkinglinking addition subtraction worksheets

Colour by Numbercolour by number multiplication division

Skill Practiceaddition subtraction worksheets skill practice Gamesmaths games printable free Hundred Boardshundred boards

Word Problems

addition subtraction word problems


patterning worksheets patterns worksheets

 Vertical Add. & Sub.

vertical addition worksheets subtraction



2-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Vertical Addition (Without Regrouping)  Vertical Addition (With Regrouping)


Vertical Subtraction (Without Borrowing) Vertical Subtraction (With Borrowing)


3-Digit & 4-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Vertical Addition (With Regrouping) Vertical Subtraction (With Borrowing)



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