Counting in Multiples

Counting in Multiples Worksheets

Practice or consolidate multiplication skills with resources aimed at getting children counting in multiples.


Counting Patterns

Learn to count in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s with these counting worksheets.

2s counting pattern worksheet counting in multiples  


2s Counting Pattern

3s Counting Pattern

4s Counting Pattern



5s Counting Pattern

10s Counting Pattern


counting in 2s hundred board counting in 3s hundred board counting in 4s hundred board
Counting in 2s Counting in 3s Counting in 4s


counting in 5s hundred board counting in 6s hundred board counting in 7s hundred board
Counting in 5s Counting in 6s Counting in 7s


counting in 8s hundred board counting in 9s hundred board counting in 10 hundred board
Counting in 8s Counting in 9s Counting in 10s


Counting In Multiples Mazes!

Give children practise counting in multiples with the these maze worksheets. Secret paths following different counting pattern lead from the start to the finish. Colour the path as you go!


multiplication maze factors worksheet counting in multiples  


2s Pattern Maze

3s Pattern Maze

4s Pattern Maze



5s Pattern Maze

6s Pattern Maze

7s Pattern Maze


counting 2s worksheet maze counting 3s worksheet maze counting 4s worksheet maze
2s Pattern Maze

Count in 2s to reach the finish!

3s Pattern Maze

Count in 3s to reach the finish!

4s Pattern Maze

Count in 4s to reach the finish!


counting 5s worksheet maze counting 6s worksheet maze counting 7s worksheet maze
5s Pattern Maze

Count in 5s to reach the finish!

6s Pattern Maze

Count in 6s to reach the finish!

7s Pattern Maze

Count in 7s to reach the finish!


counting 10s worksheet maze counting pattern maze worksheet bee hive
10s Pattern Maze

Count in 10s to reach the finish!

Counting Pattern Maze!

Count your way from the beginning to the end (counting in multiples of 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s and 7s)



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