Multiplication Puzzles

Multiplication Puzzles

These multiplication puzzles help build a student’s understanding of the concept of multiplication. They make explicit the link between repeated addition and multiplication.

Laminate or print on card for a long-lasting resource!



Multiplication Puzzlesmultiplication puzzles 2×3 Puzzle

2×5 Puzzle

2×6 Puzzle

2×7 Puzzle


3×3 Puzzle

3×4 Puzzle

3×5 Puzzle

3×6 Puzzle



4×2 Puzzle

4×4 Puzzle

4×5 Puzzle

4×6 Puzzle


Multiplication Puzzle Packs

multiplication puzzles fun



Puzzle Set 2/page

Puzzle Set 4/page



Puzzle Set 2/page


counting 2s worksheet maze counting 3s worksheet maze counting 4s worksheet maze
2s Pattern Maze

Count in 2s to reach the finish!

3s Pattern Maze

Count in 3s to reach the finish!

4s Pattern Maze

Count in 4s to reach the finish!


counting 5s worksheet maze counting 6s worksheet maze counting 7s worksheet maze
5s Pattern Maze

Count in 5s to reach the finish!

6s Pattern Maze

Count in 6s to reach the finish!

7s Pattern Maze

Count in 7s to reach the finish!


counting 10s worksheet maze counting pattern maze worksheet bee hive
10s Pattern Maze

Count in 10s to reach the finish!

Counting Pattern Maze!

Count your way from the beginning to the end (counting in multiples of 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s and 7s)



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