Word Problems with Answers

Math Word Problems with Answers

Introducing Worded Problems

Start by focusing on a single operation. Tell the child that all the problems are addition (or whichever operation your focus is). Expose the child to different wordings and use a highlighter to identify the language in the problems that indicates this operation. Together, make a list of words that indicate the operation on which you are focusing. Display this list for the child’s reference.


Increasing the Challenge

The next step is to introduce children to word problems in which they must determine the operation. They should be guided through the reading of the problem, looking out for key words (refer to vocabulary displays if needed) and making a choice as to the operation. If the child has a solid foundation (understanding of the concept and awareness of vocabulary), this shouldn’t be a big leap for the child.


word problem key words operation clue words
BUCKS Strategy Posters

Posters explaining a method to help children break down worded problems.

Operation Clue Words Poster

Display these clue words to help children identify the correct operation in worded problems.


Word Problem Worksheets

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