Journey Back Through Time

Written by Scott Sharp

Our Story

The story of begins back in September of 2010 with a comment made by a parent during a parent-teacher interview.

You should put this on the web!

I had been offering some ideas on what he could be doing at home to help support his daughter’s reading comprehension. He was excited that he now had some ideas to try. His offhand comment stuck with me over the following week, and the more I thought about it, the more I realised it made a lot of sense. Why not share this information so that all kids, not just those in my own class, could benefit?

Six months later, I launched It was a simple website that focused on helping parents support their children in the teaching of reading. I began adding my own teaching resources to the website. The popularity of the website continued to grow, and I found teachers were benefiting just as much from the resources as parents were from the advice it provided.

By 2015, the collection of resources had ballooned and now covered all aspects of literacy, mathematics, science, history and geography. I launched in 2016 as a way to share this wider focus.

We love that the time we spend crafting a poster or perfecting a worksheet
can help thousands of teachers and benefit countless students.

Over the following years, the team grew, and we continued adding resources. Before long it was clear our collection of resources had outgrown the design of the website. We needed to find a better way for teachers and parents to find what they needed. We completely redesigned the website, and the new went live in 2022.

We also launched our YouTube Channel with educational videos in another effort to support parents and teachers.

Who We Are

We are a small family team of teachers with over 70 years combined teaching experience in primary schools. Our teaching experience includes schools in Australia, England, Ecuador, South Korea and China.

Scott is founder, content creator and website administrator. He began the project in 2010, shortly after that parent interview. Scott is a primary school teacher in Australia. Nathalie is our communications director and content creator. She is a qualified ESL teacher and journalist, and she currently lives in Australia. Julie, Lindsey and James are content contributors. Julie and Lindsey are primary school teachers in Australia. James is a qualified ESL teacher who currently works in a school in China.

Our ‘Why’

We see how much children benefit from quality resources that are purposeful and engaging. Creating quality learning material takes a lot of time. As teachers, we know time is in short supply! We love that the time we spend crafting a poster or perfecting a worksheet can help thousands of teachers and benefit countless students. is the result of over half a century of experience as classroom teachers, countless late nights, sweat, tears, and that one comment.

You should put this on the web!

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