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How Do We Teach Online?

Our classroom has a whiteboard, books, pens, dice, cards and replicates a teacher and student sitting side by side. The advantage of online tutoring is that we also make use of online whiteboards, interactive games and applications and other resources. Your child and the tutor can draw diagrams, spell words, write sentences, solve problems, read books using webcam, microphone and shared whiteboards. Contact us below for two free introductory sessions to learn more.

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Why Choose Online Tutoring?

Is your child struggling with certain areas of their learning? Are there concepts in Maths they have missed that are holding them back from progressing? Is reading or writing a challenge? Is your child’s class moving too quickly through areas your child is struggling with? Our online tutoring is personalised to meet to individual needs of individual children.

For children, online tutoring is fun, engaging and easy to understand. We make use of access to online whiteboards and have interactive games and applications at our fingertips to help students understand concepts. One-on-One sessions mean we can spend as little or as much time covering concepts as required.

For parents, online tutoring is easy to organise and great value and achieves great results. Online tutoring is as easy as turning on the computer and so is easy to fit in to the busy weekly schedule. Keep up to date with your child’s learning with regular progress reports.


Who Are We?

We are a team of two qualified, Australian teachers, with over 30 years combined teaching experience. We created to share our resources and knowledge with teachers, parents and students all over the world. With our tutoring, we are now offering individualised support to children and parents all over the world.

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