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This collection of 'tr' blend worksheets provides children with opportunities to identify words beginning with the blend 'tr' as well as practice blending the letters 'tr' to form words such as truck, tram, trumpet, tree and trap. Our resources include puzzles, word searches, booklets, worksheets and other activities.


tr- Focus Blends Puzzle

Join the blends to the correct word endings.

tr- dr- Blends Puzzle

This puzzle focuses on similar sounding letters/blends. Cut and paste to join the blends to the word endings.

tr- Words Word Search

Find the tr- words in the letter jumble.

tr- Cut and Paste

Cut and paste to match the words and the pictures.

tr- Reading Booklet

A booklet to trace and read.

tr- Activity Booklet

Fold the booklet and complete the activities all about tr- words.

Blend Focus tr-

This worksheet focuses on the blend ‘tr’. Find, match and make tr- words.

fr- gr- tr- Words Study

This worksheet focuses on similar sounding letters/blends. Fill in the missing blends.

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Spelling Cards Set: Blends

A set of 10 spelling task cards. Each card focuses on different blend.

Blends & Digraphs Cards Set

A set of blend and digraph cards. Use for display or as flash cards.

Final Blends (2) Worksheet

This spelling worksheet focuses on words with a final blend (nd, nk, nt, mp).

Triple r Blends Worksheet

This spelling worksheet focuses on words with a triple r blend (scr, spr & str).

Circle the Blends gl- pl- sl-

Circle the blends that match the pictures.