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Browse our collection of inferring worksheets and reading passages. Making inferences is an important reading strategy for children to learn and use. Questions that require readers to infer are sometimes referred to as ‘Author and Me’ questions. Good readers are good detectives; they combine clues from texts and images with their own knowledge to pick up clues authors leave.

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Differentiated Inferring Set: Jen

Read the passage. Make a list of the clues and what can be inferred from the text. The easier sheet supports the learner to find clues and make inferences.

An Interview With…

Choose a character from a book/TV show/movie to conduct an interview with. Prepare two interview questions and then take on the role of the chosen character to show how they might answer them!

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Reading Strategy Poster Set

Middle and upper years reading strategy posters: creating images, inferring, summarising, connections, prior knowledge & questioning.

Main Idea: No Play

Read the text. Work out the main idea and the supporting details.

Early Years Reading Strategy Posters

Reading strategy posters for the early years: creating images, inferring, summarising, connections, prior knowledge & questioning.

Visualise a Scene: Leaves

Read a middle years passage and build a visual image to match. Draw it!

Inferring in Texts (7)

Passages of text for the upper years. Read the text and make inferences to answer the questions.

Life in England Cause & Effect Task: Write

Order the events in the cause and effect chain that caused the First Fleet to set sail.