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Teaching and Learning Videos

The ways in which students access learning content has expanded. Our YouTube channel aims to make teaching more efficient and learning easier.

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How to Ask Questions that Enhance Kids’ Reading

Why do we read? Perhaps it’s a simple question, but it’s one that many children can’t answer.

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Unlocking Kids’ Potential: Early Literacy

Exposure to literacies in the early years is a strong predictor of literacy success in later years.

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Instructional Strategies for Literacy Learning

Teaching children how to read can be a challenging task, so it's important to familiarise ourselves with different approaches of reading instruction.

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Keys to Reading: Phonics vs. Whole Language

Reading is an essential skill. How is it best taught to ensure success in school and beyond?

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Journey Back Through Time

The story of begins back in September of 2010 with a comment made by a parent during a parent-teacher interview.

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Welcome to the New

There have been some big changes here at We have spent a long time redesigning the website to make our resources easier to find.

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