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Browse our collection of preposition worksheets and other resources. Prepositions are words that show where something is positioned in relation to something else or when something happened.

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Preposition Drawing

Follow the instructions to complete the picture.

Circle the Correct Prepositions

Circle the correct preposition to complete each sentence.

Prepositional Phrase Match

Use the prepositional phrases given to complete the sentences.

Find Prepositional Phrases

Find and circle the prepositional phrase in each sentence.

Missing Prepositions (2)

Complete each sentence using the correct preposition.

Missing Prepositions (1)

Complete each sentence using the correct preposition.

Related Material

Find the Verbs (Early)

Circle the verbs in each sentence. Write verbs to match pictures.

Find Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Find the nouns, verbs and adjectives in the sentences.

Find the Adjectives (Early)

This worksheet supports students who are just beginning to learn about adjectives.

Capital Letters: Proper Nouns (1)

A worksheet to give students practise using capital letters when writing any proper noun: people’s names, specific place names, products, months of the year and days of the week.

Using Conjunctions Card Set

Use conjunctions to turn simple sentences into compound sentences. Laminate for a longer lasting resource.

Finish the Simple Sentences (2)

Fill in the blanks to complete the simple sentences.