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Browse our collection of subject and predicate worksheets and other resources. Understanding subjects and predicates is an important building block to using more complex sentence structures.

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Subject & Predicate Colour Code (1)

Underline the subject red and the predicate green in each sentence.

Find the Subject and Predicate

Identify the subject and predicate in each sentence. Write a sentence using the given subject/verb pairs.

Find the Nouns & Verbs

Identify the subject noun and the verb from each sentence.

Related Material

Find the Verbs (Early)

Circle the verbs in each sentence. Write verbs to match pictures.

Find Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Find the nouns, verbs and adjectives in the sentences.

Noun, Verbs & Adjectives Sort

Sort the list of words under the headings: ‘nouns’, ‘verbs’, ‘adjectives’.

Circle the Adverbs

A worksheet to help introduce adverbs. Circle the adverb that best suits each sentence.

Find the Verbs (Middle)

Circle the verbs in each sentence. Sort the given verbs (‘action verbs’, ‘saying verbs’, ‘thinking/feeling verbs’).

Using Conjunctions Card Set

Use conjunctions to turn simple sentences into compound sentences. Laminate for a longer lasting resource.