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Literacy Centers & Reading Rotations

We have thousands of worksheets covering phonics, writing, grammar, reading comprehension.

On this page you will find a collection of our activities which are perfect to print, laminate and use again and again for literacy centers, reading rotations, literacy rotations and much more.


Reading Task Cards

literacy centers centres reading task cards pdf  

Reading Task Cards

18 activities for after reading.

+ Blank cards to create your own tasks!


apostrophes game contractions possessives rotation literacy centres  


contractions card game match go fish snap pdf

Apostrophes Game

Work out whether the apostrophe is for a contraction of a possessive!

Fishing for Contractions Card Game

Match up words to form contractions!


Editing Task Cards

editing task cards year 2 grade pdf editing task cards year 3 grade 4 pdf editing task cards year 4 grade 5 pdf
Editing Task Cards Set A
  • Capitals
  • Full stops
  • Spelling
Editing Task Cards Set B
  • Capitals
  • Full stops
  • Spelling
  • Question Marks
Editing Task Cards Set C
  • Capitals
  • Full stops
  • Spelling
  • Commas
  • Speech Marks
  • Apostrophes



compound words sort match activity apples rotation literacy centers centres contractions literacy rotations centers centres
Compound Word Set 1

Compound Word Set 2

Compound Word Set 3

Contractions Sort 1

Contractions Sort 2

Contractions Sort 3


compound word card game go fish pdf homonyms card game go fish pdf
Fishing for Compound Words Game

Match the words to make compound words!

Fishing for Homonyms Card Game

Match the homonyms to make pairs!


Sentence Building & Types of Sentences

types of sentences uno card game statements questions commands exclamations pdf types of sentence sort match fairy tale rotation activity literacy centers centres
Types of Sentences Card Game

A card game to practice identifying different types of sentences (statements, questions, commands, exclamations).

Types of Sentence Sort with Punctuation (Easier)

Types of Sentence Sort no Punctuation (Harder)


literacy centers subject predicate sentence builder rotation silly sentences pdf  

Parts of Speech Sentence Builder

Make silly sentences by connecting different parts of speech!


Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives

nouns verbs adjectives game fairy tale parts of speech  


noun verb adjective literacy centers centres rotation activities parts of speech puzzle

Parts of Speech Fairy Tale Game

Use knowledge of nouns, verbs and adjectives to place four counters in a row.

Noun, Verb & Adjective Puzzle with Guides (Easier)

Noun, Verb & Adjective Puzzle


literacy centres centers rotations nouns verbs adjectives parts of speech pdf literacy centres centers rotations nouns verbs adjectives parts of speech hexagon pdf
Noun, Verb & Adjective Puzzle

Join the hexagonal pieces to match the words to their parts of speech.

Noun, Verb & Adjective Animal Puzzle

Noun, Verb & Adjective Pirate Puzzle

Match each themed word to its part of speech.




noun verb adjective uno game pdf

noun verb adjective pegs game pdf
Noun, Verb, Adjective Card Game

A card game to practice identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives!

Identifying Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives

Use a peg or a counter to show whether the words are nouns, verbs or adjectives.


CVC Words / Phonics

cvc word puzzles strip activities fun rotation match pdf syllable sort literacy centers activities rotations syllables pdf
CVC Word Puzzles Page

A collection of puzzles involving CVC words.

Syllable Sort

Sort the words by syllable count.


cvc words flash cards games literacy centers pdf cvc word cards game literacy centers
CVC Flash Cards

A set of CVC flash cards.

CVC Word Cards

A set of CVC word cards.


cvc words bingo game literacy centers printable games pdf blends digraphs bingo game literacy centers printable games pdf
CVC Word Bingo

Play bingo with CVC words.

Blends & Digraphs Bingo

A game of bingo to reinforce blends and digraphs.


cvc word maker flip book elkonin boxes
CVC Word Maker Flip Book Elkonin Boxes Set


Synonyms and Antonyms

synonyms antonyms game pdf  


Synonyms & Antonyms Game

A game to practise identifying synonyms and antonyms.


literacy centers centres synonyms rotation puzzle pdf literacy centers centres synonyms rotation puzzle pdf
Synonyms Puzzle (Easier) Synonyms Puzzle (Harder)


literacy centers centres antonyms rotation puzzle pdf literacy centers centres antonyms rotation puzzle pdf
Antonyms Puzzle (Easier) Antonyms Puzzle (Harder)


Figurative Language



figurative language poetic similes metaphors personification game card pdf



Figurative Language Card Game

Practise identifying similes, metaphors and personification with the fun card game.


Spin Wheels

 cvc word spin wheels word wheels  spin wheels word wheels pdf make
 CVC & Long Vowel Spin Wheels  Initial Sound Spin Wheels


Cause & Effect

literacy centers cause effect match rotation literacy centres pdf  

Cause and Effect Match

Match each effect to its cause.


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