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Grid Reference: Halloween Mall

Use the map, compass and grid reference system to answer questions about location and direction in Halloween Mall!

Reading a Scale: Spooky Springs

Use the scale to answer questions about distance on the Spooky Springs Amusement Park map.

Symmetrical Drawing: Bat

Use the grid to help complete the Halloween picture of a vampire bat.

Halloween Number Patterns Challenge

Identify the pattern rules and complete the number patterns. A challenge for the upper years!

Halloween Number Patterns

Identify the pattern rules and complete the number patterns. A worksheet for the middle years.

Halloween Fractions

Colour the Halloween objects to match the given fractions.

Favourite Haunts: Halloween Comprehension

A Halloween-themed reading comprehension task for the middle years. Read the news article and answer the questions.

History of Halloween Comprehension Task

A reading comprehension task for the middle and upper years about the history of Halloween.

Halloween Parts of Speech Find

Read the Halloween themed sentences and identify nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Halloween Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives

Use the Halloween picture to help brainstorm nouns, verbs and adjectives!

Halloween Spot the Differences (1)

A set of two spot the differences activity sheets. Spot the differences between Halloween images. For the early years.

Halloween Spot the Differences (2)

Spot the 10 differences between the two Halloween images. For the middle years.