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Browse our collection of printable classroom games and activities perfect for rotations. These games and activities are easy to set up, fun to use and cover a variety of literacy and numeracy topics. Literacy topics include parts of speech, prepositions, figures of speech, punctuation & more. Numeracy topics include elapsed time, calculating change, symmetry, place value and more.

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2D Shape Memory Game

Cut out the cards of 2D shapes to play a classic game of Memory! Download includes a version with and without extra support.

Subtraction Race Game

A board game in which players use subtraction to move across the board. Laminate for a long-lasting resource.

Creative Writing Story Starters Set

A set of 12 story starter cards to help students get their creative juices flowing and get writing!

Fishing for Contractions Game

A ‘go fish’ style game with contractions. Laminate for a long-lasting resource.

Compound Words Go Fish Game

A ‘go fish’ style game with compound words. Laminate for a long-lasting resource.

Ocean Explorers: Sight Word Game

A classic game of battleships using sight words.

Using Conjunctions Card Set

Use conjunctions to turn simple sentences into compound sentences. Laminate for a longer lasting resource.

Multiplication Box Game Boards (2x to 12x)

Spin the spinner and solve multiplications to complete boxes. The player with the most boxes wins.

Counting Pattern Puzzles

Arrange the puzzle pieces to complete the number patterns.

State of Matter Sort Activity

Sort the cards to match the cards under the headings ‘solid’, ‘liquid’ and ‘gas’.

Compare & Contrast Card Set

A set of 16 compare and contrast cards. List similarities and differences between the objects or actions.

Roll & Add Activity

Roll two dice. Add the numbers and write the matching number sentence. Laminate for a longer lasting resource.