Data Worksheets

High quality printable resources to help students display data as well as read and interpret data from:

  • Bar graphs
  • Pie charts
  • Pictographs
  • Column graphs


displaying data column graph reading a bar graph interpreting reading a pie chart interpreting
Displaying Data in Column Graph

Read the data presented in tallies. Display the data collected in a Column Graph.

Interpreting a Bar Graph 

Read and interpret data collected about purchases at the school tuckshop.

Interpreting a Pie Chart

Read and interpret data collected about how kids get to school.


reading a pictograph worksheet reading a column graph worksheet comparing data double column graph worksheet
Interpreting a Pictograph

Read and interpret data collected and presented in a pictograph.

Interpreting a Column Graph

Read and interpret data collected about lolly sales.

Comparing Data

Interpret and compare data presented on a double column graph.

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