Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and Division Resources

Before beginning times table recall, students must build an understanding of multiplication and division and how they are linked. The resources on this page allow students to represent multiplication and division situations in pictures and complete fact families. This assists students in building a deep understanding of multiplication and division.

Our resources also help with automaticity of multiplication and division facts. Our flash cards, spin wheels and fast facts help students build instant recall of the times tables.

High quality printable resources to help improve students’ understanding and application of multiplication and division.



introduction multiplication division beginner

Counting in Multiples

counting in multiples multiplication

Multiplication | Division

colour by number multiplication division

Mazes & Puzzles

times tables puzzles mazes

Fact Families

multiplication division fact families

Fast Facts

multiplication fact families

Flash Cards

multiplication division flash cards

Multiplication Wheels

multiplication wheels

Multiplication Grid Sheets

multiplication grid worksheets

Spin Wheels

multiplication spin wheels

Word Problems

multiplication division word problems

Multiplication Strategies

multiplication strategies worksheets

Other Multiplication & Division Resources


times tables poster about me activity  

All About Me

Create a poster all about you. Use multiplication and division facts to give hints about all things about you!

Number of siblings…Shoe size…Number of pets…Number of sports played

Be creative and have fun!


vertical multiplication single digit 2 digit worksheet vertical multiplication 2 digit worksheet multiplication fast facts worksheet
Single Digit Vertical Multiplication

Vertical single digit by 2-digit multiplication.

2-Digit Vertical Multiplication

Vertical 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication.

Multiplication Fast Facts

For practising quick recall of times tables.


Multiplication Games


multiplication game 4 in a row multiplication and division multiplication game multiplication and division

x-Factor! Zero the Hero (multiples of 10)

A game of strategy and skill. Know your times tables and be the first to place 4 counters in a row.

Race to the Top!

Take 2 dice and roll in a race to the top that will test your multiplication skills.

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