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Browse our collection of addition and subtraction worksheets, games, activities, posters and more. These addition and subtraction resources support the teaching of important skills that learners of all ages need. Help learners understand the connection between addition and subtraction using part-part-whole models. Teach mental addition and subtraction strategies including rainbow facts, doubles, bridge to ten and more. These strategies help improve fluency and build confidence that will help when working with larger, more complex problems.

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Combination of Strategies (1)

Review and use mental strategies for addition and subtraction.

Learning Doubles

Draw the doubles and then write the answers.

Doubles Strategy Worksheet

A worksheet focusing on doubles and halving simple numbers.

Near Doubles Worksheet

Use the doubles strategy and near doubles strategy to solve the sums.

Vertical Doubles & Near Doubles

A set of doubles and near doubles sums in a vertical format.

Introduction to Halving

A worksheet to help learners use doubles facts to find half of numbers.

Doubles +1 Sheet

A worksheet guiding learners to use the ‘doubles +1’ strategy.

Doubles Poster (Colour)

A set of 11 colourful posters showing the doubles facts.

Doubles Poster

A set of 11 colourful posters showing the doubles facts.

Vertical Doubles Facts

A set of doubles sums in a vertical format.

Counting On Strategy

Use the ‘count on’ strategy to solve the addition sums.

Counting Back Strategy

Use the ‘count back’ strategy to solve the subtraction sums.