Seasons Worksheets

Seasons Worksheets

Seasons worksheets and activities to help your teaching. Cut and pastes, sorts, word jumbles, word searches, posters and more!


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The Seasons

Draw or write to identify differences between the seasons.

Draw the Seasons Sheet 1

Draw pictures to represent each season.


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Draw the Seasons Sheet 2

Draw to show what activities you do, what clothes you wear and what is special about each season.

Seasons: Activities and Clothes

Write to show the activities and clothes that match each season.


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Seasons & Months Match

Cut and paste to match each month to its season.

Seasons: Match Descriptions

Cut and paste to match each season to its description.


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Seasons Word Search

Find the seasons and related words the word search!

Seasons Word Jumble

Unjumble the letters to make the seasons!


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