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Hyperbole is language that exaggerates. Browse our collection of hyperbole worksheets aimed at helping teach this figurative language device. For more figurative language devices, visit our Similes and Metaphors, Personification and Onomatopoeia pages.

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Hyperbole Poem Worksheet: 'Worst Day of My Life'

This worksheet focuses on hyperbole. Read the poem and answer the questions.

Hyperbole Poem: 'Worst Day of My Life'

A poem using hyperbole titled ‘Worst Day of My Life’.

Writing Hyperbole

Write a hyperbole to match each adjective and noun.

Hyperbole Match

Choose from a word list to complete the hyperboles.

Adding Hyperbole

Students add hyperbole to each sentence.

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Metaphor Poem Worksheet: ‘Our Class’

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