Chance and Probability Worksheets

Our resources allow students to describe the probability of events and conduct chance experiments.


possible or impossible worksheet probability likely unlikely event probability possible impossible
Possible or Impossible?

Cut and paste to match each event to the term ‘Possible’ or ‘Impossible’.

Impossible, Unlikely, Likely or Certain?

Cut and paste to match each event to the term ‘Impossible’, ‘Certain’, ‘Likely’, or ‘Unlikely’.

Possible, Impossible

Think of events that are possible and impossible.


event probability likely unlikely chance spin worksheet activity dice challenge probability
Impossible, Unlikely, Likely, Certain

Think of events that are impossible, certain, likely and unlikely.

Chance Spinner Sheet 1

Chance Spinner Sheet 2

Conduct a chance activity with a spinner then answer questions.

Dice Challenge

Design a 6-sided die that has a higher probability of landing on a 3.



Clear the Board

chance probability game maths



Think carefully about chance and probability and be the first to remove all your counters from the board.


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