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Non-Standard Units: Compare

Work out the height of objects by counting the blocks. Compare the height of different objects.

Non-Standard Units: Count

Work out the height of each object by counting the blocks.

Estimating Length

Estimate the length of each object to choose the most appropriate measurement.

Colour the Longest

Colour the longest object in each set.

Order Animals by Height

Cut and paste the animals in order from shortest to tallest.

Order People by Height

Cut and paste the people in order from shortest to tallest.

Taller and Shorter

Use the words ‘taller’ and ‘shorter’ to complete each sentence.

Order by Length

Order the objects from shortest to tallest.

Ordering Length

Order the length of different objects.

Longer or Shorter than 1m

Estimate whether the objects are longer or shorter than 1 metre.

Compare Length Indirectly

Use string to work out the longest and shortest objects.

Longest and Shortest

Colour the longest and circle the shortest objects.